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Translation industry is full of scammers. Similar to all other industries, translation industry has its pros and cons. The industry places opportunities before the skilled translators. There is money for those who are skilful translators. In contrast there are doubtful suppliers and contractors. Below mentioned tips can help you to avoid the frauds.

  1. Website verification: Thorough checking of the website of a company can tell a lot about the organisation itself. At present, it is easier for a company to develop a website. There are many website development companies and one can easily develop a website through hiring the service of such a company. Then there are free website templates available in the market. These website templates are offered by the web hosting companies. Some of them are freely available and others are paid ones. Thus, it is much easier for a translation company to develop a website of their own. However, if you give a patient look to it, you can see the difference. Some of the websites of the translation organisations look as if they have been developed in a hurried manner. Serious looking websites include the below mentioned points:
  • Contact information
  • A professional information
  • Spelling or grammar error-free websites
  • High-quality, professional pictures
  1. Special payment agreements: Payment agreements make sense to both the translator and the client. It can minimise the chances of future troubles regarding the payment settlements. It is better to pay for the work that has been translated. Staged payment is always the right thing to go for. Big clients make advance payment however; it is rare practice in the translation industry.
  2. Be careful with the foreign translation agencies: Sometimes, the foreign translation agencies implement dubious practices to get their jobs done. Beware of such companies. Generalisation of foreign translation agencies is not a clever decision however; many Asian countries are engaged in dubious practices. That is why, it is best to check the credentials of the company before you hire one. Please remember that foreign translation agencies are governed by different laws and regulations. That is why; you can face problems in case you need to file legal suites against them. Thus, take your steps carefully before hiring one.
  3. Purchase orders: Many translation agencies issue purchase orders. Such companies have a good reputation in the market.
  4. Thorough background check: Google is a powerful tool to determine whether or not an agency is a fraudster or not. Various communities and forums write about the scams performed by various agencies. You can receive enough information about such a legal translation London service from these websites.
  5. Translation tests: Agencies that take translation tests are the credible ones. Those that do not ask for translation tests have dubious credentials.

There are various streams of translation and one should hire a service which provides translation jobs for a particular domain. This is because; expert translators of a field can perform the task in relation with the field itself and not with some other.

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