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We offer high level interpretation service in corporate, legal, government and medical settings. You can avail quality court interpreting, business interpreting, conference interpreting and telephone interpreting services of us.

Court Interpreter

The court interpreters work along with the lawyers, attorneys and the judges helping the non-English speakers communicate. A court interpreter in the UK works in the court but that is not all. They are required to remain involved throughout the legal process.

Business Interpreter

The business interpreters have the capacity to strike an edge in business. Global business is expanding now and thus it has become vital to understand different cultural backgrounds. Interpreters influence the result of negotiation as they are aware of the intention of both the parties and can convey them properly.

Conference Interpreter

The conference interpreters bridge the gap between the communicators in a multilingual setting. They do not deal with written text, they simply convey the idea orally.

Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpretation allows to overcome the barrier of a foreign language within little time. The telephonic interpreters convert the spoken language to another language allowing the speaker and the listener communicate with each other.

Courteous, professional and focused on the result, the interpreters at En Translation offer valuable service.

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